Land and Biodiversity

Our mandate is to value and protect land and biodiversity by limiting impacts and restoring resources. These are finite resources impacted by coal mining operations. Our activities and interventions reduce damage to soil, land, landscapes, biodiversity and natural habitats. By applying sound principles and practices during and after mining operations, we can significantly reduce the impacts of coal mining. We also make financial provisions for rehabilitation are a material issue that requires ongoing revaluation and management.

Land and Biodiversity

Water and Air

Salungano Water and Air

Water is an essential natural capital input in the Salungano business model and a scarce natural resource for South Africa. Coal mining dust can degrade air quality in areas surrounding the mines, causing damage to crops, vegetation workers and communities. We are committed to reducing relative water consumption and maximising reuse.

Salungano Resources has water conservation and demand management plans to drive excellence in practices to avoid water contamination, such as mine water effluent and seepage, pollution control, dam capacity management and maintenance.


The business of coal mining requires significant energy inputs. Grid electricity is the predominant energy source for the resource divisions, with diesel fuel making up the balance.

Our energy management plan is a business priority, whilst we are reducing relative energy consumption by driving good practices and efficiency projects.

We believe that by continuously developing and sharing our position on the future of energy in South Africa, we can lead discussions, collaborate and maintain our relevance for investors and other key stakeholders.

Salungano Sustainability Energy



We value our communities’ needs, rights, and circumstances and work collaboratively towards shared-value objectives.